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The Poultry Opportunity

How we “randomly” came across a golden egg via a SEO search based on a sample of Woo Commerce sites.

Earlier today we wanted to run a quick batch analysis on ahrefs for a series of Woo Commerce sites sourced on StoreLeads, to come up with a new editorial format for KPICrunch. 

We couldn’t have imagined the end result of our experiment, especially when you look at our initial query parameters. 

StoreLeads Query Parameters

We were expecting a list of marketing agencies or sales coaches using Woo Commerce to invoice their services. We sorted the 232 results by estimated $ revenues, in descending order. Then we pasted the list of domains (which you can view right here) into the Batch Analysis Tool on ahrefs. We sorted the results in descending order, by organic traffic. And here is what we discovered. 

ahrefs batch analysis poultry winner

The winner at the top of the leaderboard wasn’t a marketing agency or a sales guru, it was, a website selling Rhode Island Red Chicken (laying brown egg chickens, if you’re interested in the details), ducks, geese, turkeys and other types of poultry, everything you need to set up and run a profitable farm.  

SEO-wise, CackleHatchery is definitely a Rising Star. It boasts an organic traffic to keywords ratio of 2.7 on ahrefs, ranking for 61,734 keywords generating 166,867 visits. On SEMRush, the KPIs are even more impressive: 39,580 keywords generating 452,237 visits, that’s a yield ratio of 11.42. 

If we have a closer look at the keywords list on ahrefs, the Cackle Hatchery brand comes first, with 37,000 monthly searches in the USA. 

The Poultry Industry is definitely an investment opportunity, also based on another form of “organic ratio”, as explained by the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (source): 

The overall increase is led by poultry production, which is set to rise by 17% by 2030, compared to the base period. Poultry benefits from favourable meat-to-feed price ratios and the short production cycle enables rapid genetic improvement. According to OECD-FAO, this will help boost its popularity relative to ruminant meat production in particular.

Have a look at the stock price evolution of one of the industry leaders, Tyson Foods (they also produce other types of meat). It’s not Amazon, sure, but so far they’ve offered a return outpacing Tesla’s (which has enjoyed, let’s be fair, a faster – meteoric – rise).

Tyson Foods vs Tesla

Other actors associated to the Poultry Opportunity have also delivered a very decent growth. 

See for instance Marel. It is a multi-national food processing company based in Iceland. The company manufactures and provides equipment, systems, software and services to the poultry, meat and fish processing industries. By the way, the #1 unbranded keyword generating traffic on their website is “poultry processing”. Out of 4819 keywords for which they rank in the USA, 252 include the term “poultry”. 

Marel Poultry Opportunity

And, as you know, the Poultry Opportunity is two-fold: meat and eggs.

As reported by Statista, The United States was one of the leading producers of eggs in the world in 2017, second only to China. In that year, approximately 106.7 billion eggs were produced in the United States.

Who would have thought that we would have unveiled this topic by running a batch analysis of Woo Commerce “Business Consulting Services” sites on ahrefs? That’s the beauty of the SEO Rabbit Hole. 


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