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200 sextillion stars, 200 million sites

When we started this project, there were 1,188,038,392 websites in the world, that’s close to 1.2 billion (other estimates are even as high as 1.9B), incl. 200 million active sites, with 250,000+ new websites created every single day. That’s a lot, for sure. But did you know that there are approximately 200 billion trillion stars in the universe (200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) spread among 2 trillion galaxies?

Whereas astronomers are constantly monitoring and modeling the evolution and the respective movement of those 200 sextillion stars drifting at the four corners of the universe, we still struggle to describe accurately a virtual landscape of 200 million objects literally at our fingertips. That being said, a few leading companies are investing substantial resources into data crunching: ahrefs has indexed 8.6 billion pages on 2500 servers, semrush is crawling 25 billion URLs per day. But Alexa (retired by Amazon on May 1st, 2022) only provided some data on 30M+ websites (out of 200M).

Our goal at KPI Crunch is to map the known digital universe, to put the high-level KPIs of those 200+ active million websites into perspective. 

200 sextillion stars

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connecting dots

Connecting The Dots

We’re still at the dawn of web data modeling but we do believe that it is possible to interpret the KPIs already processed by the leading analytics tools to evaluate the competitiveness and the potential of almost any web property after a sufficient learning phase (6+ months, ideally 1 year, except for outliers boasting a meteoric traction). 

Our short term goal is to analyse hundreds of niches and to share our actionable insights to help you navigate the ocean of online opportunities.We also have a vested interested in the game, using our takeaways to inform our own acquisition and investment process.

We focus on ratios to evaluate the yield of a brand’s organic footprint (e.g. traffic to ranked keywords, social media engagement, position to median competitors’ OPR rank, etc.). 

Our ultimate ambition is to be able to position any web property within their competitive landscape, to assess their marketing strategy and to come up with specific recommendations to help them wisely mobilize growth capital to optimize their business trajectory.